Events for June 14, 2024 – Vertical Ventures
Featured Featured Event Series Mobility

Mobility with Makie

Vertical Ventures 116 18th Street South, St. Pete

Mobility with Makie: Give your hardworking body the TLC it deserves after a long week. Makie’s mobility class is your ticket to recovery and maintaining full range of motion in every muscle group. Slow down the pace as we delve into areas that bear the brunt of your workload. Expect a focus on bodyweight movements, gentle stretches, and a mindful approach to restoring balance and flexibility. Start your weekend feeling refreshed and ready to tackle any challenges thrown your way. Friday: Mobility with Makie at 7am

Event Series Member Mornings

Member Mornings

Vertical Ventures 116 18th Street South, St. Pete

Exclusive Member Perk! Join your fellow VV members for an early morning open gym session. Member Mornings are held every Tuesday through Friday from 8am - 10am. Please Note: On Thursdays from 9am - 10am, Climbing Tots will have marked off zones for their toddler climbing program.

Event Series On the Wall

On the Wall Clinic

Vertical Ventures 116 18th Street South, St. Pete

Get "On The Wall" with Vertical Ventures Develop new skills and relationships. This hour long meet-up clinic aims to improve your technique, strength, and climbing skills through specific drills and movement. It's a great opportunity to meet other climbers in your community and find new climbing partners. Each month showcases a specific theme and each week will explore variations on that theme. June Theme: Ropes! June 7th - Endurance Training w/ Logan Been getting too pumped too fast while climbing ropes? This class is for all rope climbers who are looking to maximize their endurance on the wall. Whether it's training for more endurance or working with what you've got, Logan will cover it all! June 14th - Route Reading and Efficient Resting w/ Atti Route-reading and resting are 2 crucial components to flashing and on-sighting a rope route! Sometimes figuring it out on-the-fly works great, but other times it's best to figure out a plan and execute it while finding the best resting spots possible before even getting on the route! Atticus will be there to guide you through all the best practices when planning on completing your project, or attempting to complete a climb on your first try! June 21 -- All Things Lead w/Cody Lead […]

Featured Featured Event Series BOGO Saturdays

Student Night BOGO

Vertical Ventures 116 18th Street South, St. Pete

Calling all thrill-seeking students! Get ready to conquer new heights during Student Night, held every Friday from 8pm to midnight. Whether you're a seasoned climber or looking to try something new, this is your chance to experience the adrenaline rush of climbing. Enjoy our exclusive BOGO deal: Buy One Admission, Get One Free! Bring along a friend or challenge a fellow student to join you in the ultimate climbing adventure. Top-Rope, Autobelay, Bouldering and Lead Climbing along with our expert staff on hand to guide you, there's no better way to unwind after a week of studying than by reaching new peaks with friends. Don't miss out on this opportunity to push your limits and make unforgettable memories. Discount is automatically applied for students under 18. Students 18+ must show proof of enrollment. See you at the top!