Rules | Vertical Ventures



Climbing is dangerous. Climbing presents a significant inherent risk of serious physical injury, including paralysis or death. When you or the children for whom you are responsible climb at Vertical Ventures, you voluntarily assume all risks associated with climbing.

Please be careful.

– Check in at the Front Desk.

– Climbers under 13 must be actively supervised by an adult. 1 adult: 4 kids max

– Climbing shoes must be worn while on the wall.

– No running, rough-housing, or acrobatics (flips, cartwheels, handstands, etc).

– Please don’t yell or scream.

– Remove climbing shoes when entering the restroom.

– Fitness equipment may be used by those 14 and older

– Never stand, sit or walk in an area where another climber could fall on you.

– Never climb above, below or very close to another climber.

– Climb within your capabilities. Climbing higher or harder than your experience allows can cause injury. 

– Instruction may be given by Vertical Ventures Staff only.

– Keep trip hazards off the padded flooring (water bottles, personal itesm, etc.)

– No food/drink in climbing areas.

– Report any problems with the walls, equipment, or other concerns to a member of the staff immediately

– Have fun.