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Climbing Classes


Take your skills to new heights with training from our experienced instructors. Our advanced classes give you exclusive access to our Pit area, proficiency to test-out at other gyms, and readiness for outdoor adventures. Don’t miss out on this valuable opportunity to elevate your climbing game!


Intro to rope climbing

Get a Grip on Rope Climbing with us!

Join us for a 1-hour introductory class that includes everything you need to start climbing confidently on our Main Wall:

  • 1 hour of expert instruction (you’ll learn how to handle the ropes for a climber)
  • Daily admission pass
  • Rental gear
  • 2 week membership with free climbing and gear rental
  • Membership includes: guest pass, free group yoga and fitness classes, 10% off gear & more!

Intro to movement

Work with a climbing instructor in a small group session. Learn proper movement and technique to improve your climbing abilities. This one hour session provides you with in-depth knowledge and space to practice new skills with an instructor.

Intro To Movement Class

On the Wall

Develop new skills and build relationships. On the Wall is a weekly clinic aimed to improve your technique, strength, and climbing skills through specific drills and movement. It’s a great opportunity to meet other climbers in your community and find new climbing partners. Each month showcases a specific theme and each week will explore variations on that theme.

Membership Ingo

Advanced CLASSES

ADVANCED TECHNIQUE – temporarily unavailable

Improve your mental game and gain new perspectives! This class is custom tailored by Max Francois, geared for those climbing in the v3 or higher range with knowledge and proficiency of basic climbing technique (footwork/flagging/etc.). This class will focus on teaching new tactics and techniques to improve your climbing. Learn to apply these techniques to your project level climbs.

Level 2 Climbing Class


Get Pitted! Learn how to: tie your knots, belay without a ground anchor, load your belay device, check each others gear and manage the rope.

Level 2 Climbing Class


The Lead Climbing Class prepares climbers for the sharp end. In this class you will learn how to lead belay (w/ Gri-Gri and ATC Pilot), communicate and check gear, properly clip, and fall as safely as possible.

Lead Climbing Class

Lead Climbing Test Out

Lead Climbing & Belaying Test Out

Are you Lead Certified at another gym? Are you a Yosemite Legend that came out of the womb lead climbing? Either way, you will need to pass this test in order to Lead Climb at Vertical Ventures.

Lead Climbing Test


You’ve completed the VV Lead Climbing Class — now it’s time to get checked-off by our staff. Demonstrate your new skills to an instructor. You have 30 minutes to display your knots, gear, and climbing/belaying skills. Our instructors will provide feedback and instruction during this check-off.

Level 2 Climbing Check


Get Outside! Our 4 hour Outdoor Lead Class prepares you to take your climbing skills outside.

You’ll learn:
*Climbing: Outdoor Climbing Tips, Crag Ethics, Preparedness
*Belaying: Hazards of Belaying Outdoors, Lowering a Climber as they Clean the Route
*Cleaning: How to Properly Clean a Route
*Rappelling: How to Rappell

Outdoor Lead Climbing Class


Private Rappelling Classes are available by appointment only.